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Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

The following outlines The Oven's privacy policy and terms and conditions while using the website for various functions.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the information that is collected from and about you while ordering from or visiting the website.

Personal Information Collected
The following personal information may be collected while visiting the website.
   Email Address
   Physical Address
   Telephone Number
   Payment method for ordering
This information is used in the following ways:
   Delivering products to you
   Emails with promotional offers
   Processing and collectiong payments for products


We, The Oven, do not sell or distribute your personal information to other businesses other than the third party vendors we use for payment processing and other services.

We, The Oven, do not use cookies to collect personal information about you.

This Privacy Policy is effective September 20, 2021. We reserve the right the alter or change this policy for any reason at our discretion.

Terms and Conditions

The Oven
Address: 1012 E 4th St Owensboro, KY 42303
Tel: (270)478-5008
Menu Currency: USD

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. Placing an order online is an acceptance of the terms and conditions.


The Oven will do everything possible to ensure that all online orders are accurate and delivered on time. This cannot always be 100% correct and if an error occurs please contact the store.

There are no refunds for online orders unless the payment is errored and processes more than one time. All issues need to be taken up with the store.


The restaurant reserves the right to refuse any service or terminate delivery to addresses.
All orders made through the online ordering system must be made by persons over the age of eighteen (18).


All products/foods offered on the website are done so on an "as is" and "if available" basis.

Delivery Orders:
   Must be a minimum of $10
   Must be in the defined area of delivery
   The website must be online to allow for online ordering

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